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Millennium Park Properties’ Featured Buildings in Chicago, IL

Take a look at our Millennium Park Properties’ featured buildings in Chicago, IL, and see if you’re interested. Call us today for more information.

There’s truly no better place to live than Millennium Park! That’s why we’re especially proud to offer a comprehensive range of properties located near the park and downtown Chicago, allowing you to establish your business in a building that fits your needs. You want your customers and clients to see you as a professional, well-rounded company, so renting out the right space near this cultural hub is essential to your success. Plus, the views of the park and Lake Michigan make any office feel bright and spacious.

Offering More than Just Commercial Properties

In addition to the buildings we have listed here, we also specialize in condos for sale throughout the area. There are many properties to choose from, so you have the freedom to choose something that allows you to work and live within the same community. We’ll work closely with you to help you find a place that is within your budget and to your satisfaction. 

Here at Millennium Park Properties, our real estate experts have more than 46 years of combined experience, giving you the confidence that you’re in the most qualified hands. No matter what you’re looking for, you can rest assured that we keep your best interests in mind. Our residential and commercial clients alike have been depending on us for the quality service and broad selection of properties that they require.

Millennium Park Properties Featured Buildings in Chicago, IL, 400 E. Randolph St
400 E. Randolph St
Millennium Park Properties Featured Buildings in Chicago, IL, 155 N Harbor Dr
155 N Harbor Drive
Millennium Park Properties Featured Buildings in Chicago, IL, 130 N Garland Ct
130 N Garland Ct
Millennium Park Properties Featured Buildings in Chicago, IL, 360 E. Randolph St
360 E. Randolph St

340 E. Randolph St

310 S Michigan Ave

401 Wabash Ave

65 E
Monroe St

60 E Monroe St

1160 S Michigan Ave

910 S Michigan Ave

1201 S Prairie Ave
1211 S Prairie Ave

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